Cookie Watkins - I'm Attracted To You

Some thumpin' early 90's house for you. I have this as a bootleg, so I don't know if this is the original or a remix. The original is from 1991 on Smash Records.

Apparently, Mme. Watkins had a Broadway career.
I'm Attracted To You


Disco Dub Band - For The Love of Money

This song friggin' kills me its so good. This is a Danny Krivit re-edit of a 1975 cover of an O'Jays song (penned by the inexhaustible Gamble & Huff). Who are the Disco Dub Band? I have no clue.

Until recently this song topped my "I heard it at a club but I don't what it's called" list. It took me a few years to figure out what it was. On the bootleg release I have it's simply called Disco Dub. Not to be confused with a disco dump.

For The Love Of Money


Aretha Franklin - Love Me Right

This is a great song from Aretha's 1982 album Jump To It. The key ingredient here is the songwriting, production, and back-up vocals of Luther Vandross. The photo above is of Aretha singing at Luther's funeral. Thanks to my friends at Double Headed Disco for turning me on to this record.

This is the LP version from the 1982 Arista release.

"My friends can see that your shady, you don't treat me like a lady..."

Love Me Right