Venus Dodson - Where Are We Headed

Venus Dodson appeared frequently as a vocalist on Patrick Adams-led records. This track is the b-side of the Night Rider 12" from her LP of the same name. It was released in 1979.

Where Are We Headed was written and produced by Leroy Burgess and you can hear him singing in the background. LB was part of Black Ivory, Phreek, The Fantastic Aleems, Convertion, and had many great solo projects. Google him.

Watch out - this one's catchy.

Where Are We Headed


Inner Life - (Knock Out) Let's Go Another Round

Yet another Tee Scott mix - this time he stretches a seven and a half minute track to a whopping eleven and a half minutes. This track has a wicked bass sound and some good moog effects which I'm going to guess are care of co-producer Greg Carmichael of Bumblebee Unlimited fame.

Released in 1981 on Salsoul Records.

Towards the end, Jocelyn Brown lets you have it.

(Knock Out) Let's Go Another Round

First Choice - Breakaway

This is another Tee Scott mix, this time for the ladies of First Choice. His mix of FC's Love Thang is one of the finer disco tracks around. This one really starts to cook towards the end.

Released in 1980 on Salsoul Records.



Columbus Circle - If You Read My Mind

As far as I can tell, this 12" was Columbus Circle's only release. The song is mixed by Tee Scott (above) who was a New York DJ and producer. He did a lot of great remixes which are well worth seeking out. He tended to stretch songs out in his mixes -- this one clocks in at about eight and half minutes. For you short attention-span listeners, I'm also inlcuding the Suck My Disco Re-Edit.

This track has one heck of a bassline which comes in after the break (about 4 minutes in). It was released in 1982 on Elektra Records.

If You Read My Mind

Suck My Disco Re-edit