Kebekelektric - Electric War

This is a track from a compilation of songs that were favorites of Ron Hardy's, the dj at the Chicago club the Music Box. This has sort of a punk Giorgio Moroder vibe to it. I really like the break. I'm guessing that going out at the Music Box was a pretty unique experience.

Elektric War

Chocolate - It's That East Street Beat

A Timmy Regisford & Boyd Jarvis co-production. This is the club mix from 1985 on Supertronic Records. Apparently, this was a track that Ron Hardy used to play at the Music Box.

It's That East Street Beat


TZ - I Got the Hots For You

This is some good old fashioned NYC early 80's sleaze.

I became a dance music addict after going to Club Shelter in New York. I still go there. The next few posts are songs that Shelter's DJ, Timmy Regisford, played some role in making.

Timmy and Boyd Jarvis collaborated on a few tracks that came out in this period. The best known (and one of my all-time faves) is probably Visual's The Music's got Me. This track, under the name TZ, is from 1983 on Street Sounds records.

I Got the Hots For You


Theo Vaness - Sentimentally It's You

This a re-edit I did. The original has a really tacky vocal part - so I essentially just snipped that out. I heard Danny Krivit play this once, and I've pretty much copied his edit. DJ alert - mixes well with You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real).

The photo is a lot to handle.

Sentimentally It's You

One Way featuring Al Hudson - Music

I tracked this one down on eBay after searching for quite a while. Another big track by One Way was Spread Love. I really like Music - it has a nice late-night vibe.

MCA records from 1979.